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Website Project Brief

Launched in 2008, Colapz are on a mission to revolutionise everyday objects, making them clever, compact, colourful and eco-friendly.

Owned and operated by David Fannin (MD) and Shaun Moore (Design Director), the Colapz duo made it all the way to the BBC’s infamous Dragon’s Den investment programme with their very first collapsible watering can prototype back in 2010.

From innovative collapsible buckets and watering cans to portable camping showers and space-saving cookware, Colapz strive to bring the best of British design to homes and gardens across the world!

With multiple new bucket and watering can products launching in Q2 2018, Colapz decided it was time to redesign and relaunch their transactional website

Originally built on Shopify, the website suffered from the platforms poor foundational SEO set-up (such as a locked down robots.txt file, duplicate URLs and Canadian host).

In addition, the Colapz team were also frustrated at the limited ability to change the design outside of the standard chosen theme without serious development investment.

The decision was made to move away from Shopify and build a new site using WordPress and Woocommerce. Due to a full ecommerce platform change, Marketing Labs were also tasked with executing a migration to ensure ranking decreases and website traffic issues were kept to a minimum.

Project time-frame: 10 weeks to design, build and launch.

Colapz old website homepage
Colapz old product page
Colapz old blog page

Marketing Labs were challenged with


Creating a monotone design that cleverly used whitespace and padding to minimise distractions


Integrating a clean and simple website checkout experience to maximise conversions


Building professional product pages that used bold colours to attract attention to key CTAs


Coding a fast loading website on both mobile & desktop that used heavy imagery and video elements

Colapz new website design

New Website Design

With the clever use of whitespace and padding, the new design makes it clear for the user to see the products instantly, somewhat drawing the visitor in, and removing all distractions allowing the viewer to purely focus on the products in front of them.

A monotone colour scheme of pale grey, white and bold pink has been used to complement strong product photography. Across product pages, a simple, non-distracting colour-scheme and layout helps draw the viewer to the products and prevents the all-important ‘add to basket’ button from being obscured from the user’s view. 

An informative animated video has been included above the fold on the homepage which demonstrates the range of collapsible products.

Remembering that simplicity is key, the all-important checkout section has been designed to ensure the purchasing experience is quick and easy with limited fields and non-distracting colours. 

Colapz New Website Gallery

View screenshots of the new website

Colapz new website homepage
Colapz new website product page
Colapz new website blog page
Colapz new website about us page

The new design generated impressive results…


More Organic Visitors


Better Conversion Rate


Revenue Increase


More Ranking Keywords

SEO Results

Within 6 months of the website redesign, as expected, the migration from Shopify to WordPress / Woocommerce significantly improved the SEO performance of the Colapz site.

Fixing legacy crawl issues and creating a flat site architecture has resulted in an impressive 35% increase in organic hits from search engines. Best of all, more visitors now turn into paying customers with ecommerce conversion rate increasing by a huge 20%!

The new and improved website has also increased rankings for many competitive keywords. Colapz now ranks in organic search results for 159 keywords, up 140% vs the old website which ranked for just 66 keywords!

Colapz SEO keyword increases

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