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Our people

We’re a small but dedicated team of like-minded professionals working together to achieve kick-ass performance for our clients. But we like to think we’re different from your average digital marketing agency.

For one thing, we firmly believe that people are happier at work when they have the autonomy to make decisions about the things that affect them. That’s why we encourage everyone who works for us to take the lead in their own area of work. Everyone in the team brings something valuable to the business, and we recognise them as experts in their own fields.

It’s one of the reasons we don’t have account managers. Our clients have direct access to the people working on their projects, so they’re guaranteed a resolution to their problems quickly.


Finding balance

Getting the right balance of people was really important to Matt Janaway when he set up Marketing Labs in 2016. You can help people to develop in their own roles, but you can’t manufacture chemistry (and we have plenty of that).

We’re lucky enough to have found the right mix of people who get along well. And that’s reflected in our work because when people are happy, they’re motivated to do more!

We’ve created a working environment where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and learn from each other. Every month, we ringfence time for people to work on their own projects or to go away and learn something new.

It’s important to us that everyone feels supported professionally and personally. We give our team the flexibility to work from home whenever they need to, and most of our staff have hybrid working arrangements.

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Making our mark

Minimising our impact on the environment is just as important to us as looking after our staff. We make sure it’s factored into every decision we make as a business.

We’re committed to reducing our carbon emissions by using less paper and making fewer journeys. We’re also proud supporters of Ecologi – a climate conservation scheme that funds tree-planting projects around the world.


So far, our donations have helped to plant over 8,309 trees and fund 55 climate projects.

Visit our virtual forest and learn more about the great work Ecologi is doing to tackle climate change.

Closer to home, we’ve donated to several community projects that are helping to improve the lives of young people and vulnerable groups in North Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.

Our donations to The Rope Project have helped to buy some of the basic necessities that people fleeing domestic abuse have to leave behind. This fantastic charity provides support for men, women and families in need.

We also support the work of our clients. In fact, we like to think we go above and beyond to help their causes. We’ve even abseiled off a viaduct, and there aren’t many agencies that can say that!

While ever there’s work to be done, we’ll continue to support local projects and partnerships.

We’re all about doing our bit for the environment, which is why we are proud to be partnered with Ecologi. By planting trees and supporting climate projects around the world, we are helping to fund solutions to the climate crisis. 

We also aim to become a fully accredited carbon-neutral agency by the end of 2023.

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