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Making brands matter

Did you know you only get 2.6 seconds to make the best first impression you can online? Your branding works hard, which is why you need to make sure it’s strong, memorable and fully reflects your business.

We’re all about creating brands that have something to say – and we’ve helped create some amazing ones in our time. We can support our clients with all aspects of branding so people know exactly who your brand is, you have plenty of scope for growth and you win the trust of your audience.

The right branding can work wonders, so we’re here to make sure yours is spot on.

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Our branding services

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Start-Up Branding

Launching a new business? Getting your branding right from the off can make all the difference to your success. We work with you to make sure your branding is saying the right thing in the right way so you’re launching your business from a solid foundation.

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Brand Refresh

Is your branding starting to look a bit tired? Has your business evolved so your brand is no longer up-to-date? A brand refresh can make sure your business is still recognisable to customers but sends the right message about what your brand is now.

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Even the biggest brands in the world occasionally need to alter a customer’s perception of its product or service, which is where rebranding comes in. We work with you to fully overhaul your brand to ensure it is right for your current customer’s needs.

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Packaging Design

Your packaging is part of your marketing, which is why we take its design seriously. Your product needs to stand out from others and successful packaging design can make that happen. We design effective, stand-out packaging that gets noticed.

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Brand Guidelines

Consistency is key when it comes to branding, which is why you need clear brand guidelines. We put together informative and detailed guidelines to support your team in accurately representing your brand.


Brand Workshop

Whatever type of branding you need, understanding how your team views your business can help create a solid brand identity. Our brand workshops help you delve deeper into your brand and provide you with insights to build a brand that works.

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