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Over the last 5 years, we’ve focused on the development of our referral partner agreement that has generated long-lasting relationships with our current partners.

We think it’s very important to create relationships that last and strongly believe that the agreement should be in everyone’s best interest. We’ve generated agreements that benefit the partner with up to 10% kickback fees and commission rates.

How exactly does it work?

Stage 1: Opportunity referral

So you’ve met a potential new client, that’s amazing! The only issues is, you can’t offer the services we do. At this stage we’ll look to introduce ourselves to the client and arrange a meeting.

Stage 2: Client meeting

At this stage, we’ll look to set-up a meeting with the client. This gives us chance to answer any questions they might have about our services and what they can expect from us moving forward.

Stage 3: Proposal

After the initial meeting, we’ll start preparing the proposal that will be sent to the client. This will demonstrate the services we can offer and the investment they’ll make, both initially and monthly.

Stage 4: Contract agreement

Once the client has agreed to the terms of the proposal, we’ll prepare a contract agreement and get things moving with the new project. At this stage, we’ll also agree your referral fees.

Stage 5: Final handover

The client has signed their contract and we’ve agreed to your referral fees. We’ll pay all initial fees owed to you when we’ve received a cleared deposit from the client and set-up your 3 month fees too.

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