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Drive your sales with paid search from Marketing Labs

PPC, also known as pay-per-click or paid search, is a cost-effective way of increasing sales and revenue for your business using the power of tech giants like Google. It’s one of the best ways to get your business in front of the people searching for your products and services.

We made £40 of revenue for every £1 of ad spend for our clients last year

Advertising using Google and Bing’s search engines gives you access to a bigger pool of people globally, and at the same time, you get an insight into how people are searching for your products.

This allows you to determine whether your business or service matches what the user is looking for – and if it isn’t, you can refine your search terms so the right people are seeing your ads.

PPC can drive traffic and generate leads, conversions, and revenue for your business. But this is hardly a secret. In fact, your competitors are already doing it, which is why it pays to use a results-driven PPC marketing agency.

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    Paid search marketing services

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    Google Ads

    Google Ads has the potential to direct a huge number of hyper-relevant customers to your website in a cost-effective way. We’re a Google Ads agency that prioritises ad optimisation. We deliver campaigns that deliver long-term gains and ensure a high return on investment.   

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    Google Shopping

    Shopping ads are a cost-effective way of showcasing your products. They allow you to add rich product information to promote your products when customers are ready to purchase. Our Google PPC management services include setting up and optimising shopping campaigns.

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    Microsoft (Bing) Ads

    Not everyone uses Google, so it’s worth investing in Microsoft advertising. This lets you reach customers searching on Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines. As a Bing ads specialist, we can help you broaden your potential customer base to include these other search engines.

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    Google Display Ads

    Google can reach up to 90% of global users across its network of websites. Display ads play an important role at different stages of the sales journey, putting your brand in front of the right people at the right time. A Google advertising agency, like Marketing Labs, can help you achieve success.

    How are your ads performing? Request your free PPC audit

    How we’ve helped our clients achieve success

    We help our clients achieve more from their paid search campaigns by taking the time to understand their business and building a strategy to meet their objectives.

    We prefer to work in partnership with our clients to achieve long-term success. After all, we’re only successful if you are.

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    DD Group

    In 2021, we started working with one of the largest dental equipment suppliers in the UK. Paid search is a big part of their digital marketing strategy, but their Google ads weren’t performing well.

    They were looking for a performance-driven PPC marketing agency, and they found us! DD challenged us to improve their Google ads, and with over 27,000 products, this was no mean feat.

    We started by re-organising their products into several smaller, highly-targeted ad campaigns.

    With continual refinement, we exceeded their growth expectations and secured them £5.5 million in sales. To put that into perspective, that’s over 40.5 times the amount they invested in pay-per-click advertising.

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    Optimising your ads with video

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    YouTube Ads

    Over two billion logged-in users per month choose YouTube as their online video platform. From tutorials to entertainment, YouTube is home to all forms of video content that appeal to a wide demographic. Reach your audience whilst they’re watching, or better, advertise your products and services with hyper-relevant video content.

    Why choose Marketing Labs to manage your ads?

    We’re a Google-accredited PPC management agency with a proven track record of delivering growth for our clients. We manage ad campaigns all day, every day, for businesses across various industries, and this experience gives us a leading edge.

    We live and breathe paid search, so we know what’s new and what’s coming up. It means we’re prepared for changes before they happen and can help our clients take advantage of growing trends and new services.

    Even better, we have real experts reviewing your campaigns and making decisions rather than relying on software. We analyse the data first-hand to refine and improve our clients’ ads. 

    Whether you want to increase your visibility online, better understand your audience, or increase your conversions and revenue, we’re well-equipped to help you maximise your return on investment.

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    Industry specific PPC management services

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    eCommerce PPC agency

    Getting your business and products in front of your target audience when they’re ready to buy is crucial if you want to bag those sales. If you don’t show up when people are looking for your products, you’re missing opportunities to sell, sell, sell! We help businesses like yours to promote their products across Google and other search engines with targeted, effective ecommerce PPC marketing.

    PPC Services, DD

    Dental pay-per-click company

    If you’re not there when patients search for dental services, you’re missing an opportunity to grow your business. PPC marketing for dentists is increasingly popular, and the likelihood is that your competitors are already doing it. If you want to expand your reach with paid search, we’re here to help. Our team has years of experience in PPC dental marketing – contact us to manage your next campaign.

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    Furniture PPC agency

    How do you ensure your business stands out in a crowded marketplace? We’ve helped furniture retailers expand their reach online with pay-per-click marketing, and we can do the same for you, too. If you’re looking for a furniture PPC agency with a track record of success, we can deliver. Take advantage of the captive audience paid search has to offer and see your success soar.

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    How we work: a step-by-step process

    We have a broad mix of clients at various stages of growth. Big or small, we have packages to suit every size and type of business. Here’s a brief overview of how we work with our PPC clients.

    Step 1: Video call

    We always like to start with an introductory video call to discuss your requirements and get to know you and your business objectives.

    Step 2: PPC audit

    Once we have access to your ads account, we can examine it to see how well you’re doing and how close you are to achieving your objectives.

    Step 3: Our findings

    We’ll present our findings for you to review with a few recommendations based on its current structure and advice on how to implement these changes.

    Step 4: Work starts

    The greatest value comes from working collaboratively on a long-term plan aligned with your business objectives. This gives us the best chance of securing a high return on investment for your campaign.

    PPC services in your area

    Location doesn’t really matter when it comes to digital marketing, but if you’re looking for a local PPC agency, you’ve found us! From our offices in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, and Suffolk, we cover the whole of the UK.

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    Your frequently asked questions

    Do you have a burning question about pay-per-click advertising? You might find the answer here in this collection of FAQs. If you’re still yearning to learn more, you’ll find lots of PPC resources on our blog.

    Do you offer PPC consulting services?

    Consulting is just one of the PPC services we offer at Marketing Labs.

    PPC consultancy is the right option if you have an in-house team that can manage the daily workload but require help with strategy, optimisation, and implementing best practices.

    With consulting services, you do the work, and we provide recommendations based on our experience.

    What is remarketing in PPC?

    Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a digital marketing strategy aimed at re-engaging users who have previously interacted with your website or app but have yet to take action, i.e., making a purchase or filling out a form.

    Well-optimised remarketing campaigns can add huge incremental value to your business. We can help you scope out and deliver a retargeting strategy that integrates with your PPC account and broader marketing efforts.

    Which is better, pay-per-click or SEO?

    Pay-per-click and SEO have their own strengths, but they work best together. While paid search will yield results quicker, working on your site’s SEO will pay off in the long term.

    Paid search is quicker, but the results only last as long as you’re willing to pay. Meanwhile, the results of your organic efforts will continue to grow steadily long after you’ve set the work in motion.

    We recommend combining PPC and SEO to extend your reach online and reap the financial rewards of both tactics in the short and long term.

    What is the most used pay-per-click platform?

    Google Ads is the biggest pay-per-click platform in the world, with a vast market share. The Google platform encompasses search, shopping, YouTube, and a network of other websites where ads can be placed.

    We are an accredited Google advertising agency with years of proven experience. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses create highly targeted campaigns that convert clicks into customers.

    Our latest PPC content

    Stay up to date with the latest PPC content from the Marketing Labs team!

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    We use advanced SEO techniques to strengthen the performance of your website and drive organic traffic. Our SEO activities are safe and designed to deliver long-term results.

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    Content Marketing

    All of our content is crafted with purpose, helping SEO performance and customer experience while fully reflecting your brand and tone of voice.

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    Amazon Ads

    Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world, offering great opportunities for your business. We craft effective Amazon ads that get your products noticed.

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    Product Feed Optimisation

    An optimised product feed can lead to better results across your sales channels. We improve and enrich your product feeds to ensure high quality and exceed the requirements of each channel.