Increasing your online sales through optimisation

For any Shopping Ads campaign to be successful, you need to make sure your product feed is completely optimised. An optimised feed helps your Google and Microsoft Shopping, Facebook and Amazon Ads to be more effective and deliver a lower cost per click. Feed optimisation can also lead to a higher conversion rate, helping you see more sales.ย 

Just as you need to optimise the product pages on your eCommerce website, you need to take steps to ensure that your product feeds are optimised for clicks and conversions. Including as much relevant information as possible in your feed will ensure listings are more relevant to searches, which can mean your ads get displayed more but cost you less.

How do we optimise your product feed for growth?

Failing to optimise your product feeds can mean:

  • Products donโ€™t rank for the right search terms
  • Ads can cost you more
  • Your competitors become more visible

We understand that that your product feed is the foundation of your shopping ads campaign, which is why we work with you to make sure it is fully optimised for success. This means making continued improvements to keep up with changes and to meet the requirements of your various channels.ย 

Our team here at Marketing Labs will help tailor your product feed content and ensure that all listings are performing as well as they can. The result is that we consistently drive improved ROI, increasing traffic and sales while helping you to achieve your business goals.

Results driven SEO.

Every recommendation we give you or change we make is driven by your goals and based on years of successful experience.ย 

The digital space is more crowded than ever and there are most likely hundreds of websites offering almost the same service as you. We work hard to make sure youโ€™re standing out by getting your website to rank highly, helping to drive improved brand presence and achieve substantial growth.ย 

Our advanced and time-tested SEO techniques have helped our clients promote their websites and increase organic performance.

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