Tom Haslam

Creative Director

A brief introduction

Tom is your everyday joker, he was the typical class clown at school, and he’s never really grown out of it. If there’s a practical joke to be had in the office - he’s there. The only thing Tom loves more than winding up the team is playing the guitar and good design.

A true creative at heart, Tom loves using his expertise in design to connect brands with people – and he’s well-placed to do it. He graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Product Design, and in 2015 he started his own agency, OLO Design.

In 2021, OLO merged with Marketing Labs to create a full-service digital marketing agency. The chemistry was right, and the merger proved to be a huge success that was well-received by the clients of both agencies.

When he's not at work you'll find Tom on the cricket field which has been his passion since a young lad. He also enjoys gaming, watching Netflix, or walking his dogs.

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Some interesting facts about Tom

🎬 Favourite film
The Dark Knight
💬 Favourite quote
"Serves you right for Muscat!" - Neil Warnock
📖 Last book read
12 Rules for Life - Jordan B. Peterson
🎹 Musical guilty pleasure
Motley Crue

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