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LuluB Jewellery

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Project Overview

Lulu B Jewellery, a small online handmade jewellery brand, approached our digital marketing agency to elevate its online presence and drive sales. With a unique proposition of handcrafted designs, it was essential for the brand to reach its target audience effectively and efficiently. Their digital touchpoints needed to resonate with the brand’s core values while ensuring they remain competitive in search results.

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Client: LuluB Jewellery
Performance & Growth Statistics

Keyword Ranking Increase


Organic Traffic Increase


PPC Revenue Growth


PPC Conversion Growth

The Challenge

In an increasingly competitive digital marketplace, Lulu B Jewellery grappled with the nuances of maintaining prominence. Their organic search performance had plateaued, causing them to miss out on potential visibility despite their unique handmade offerings. A deeper dive revealed they weren’t ranking well for pivotal industry-specific keywords and their on-page SEO elements, such as metadata and mobile optimisation, were lacking.

On the paid search front, their strategy was marred by inefficiencies: high Cost Per Click (CPC), underwhelming conversion rates, and misaligned ad placements which targeted the wrong audience segments. Moreover, the ad creatives failed to effectively convey the brand’s essence. This was further exacerbated by aggressive SEO strategies and ad campaigns employed by their competitors, overshadowing Lulu B’s digital presence.

The Solution

Addressing Lulu B Jewellery’s challenges required a holistic approach. Our agency implemented a refined SEO strategy, optimising on-page elements to improve rankings for critical keywords, enhancing the website’s structure, and ensuring mobile optimisation. Concurrently, we overhauled the paid search approach, reducing the CPC through precise audience targeting and optimising ad placements.

Ad creatives were repurposed to resonate with the target market, succinctly communicating Lulu B’s value proposition of handcrafted, affordable jewellery. In the backdrop of heightened competition, we adopted innovative digital strategies, leveraging industry insights to ensure Lulu B Jewellery not only held its ground but also carved out a distinguished digital niche.

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