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Atomic Interiors

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Project Overview

Atomic Interiors, a leading interiors specialist based in Nottingham, sought our expertise for a comprehensive website redesign. Our mission was to enhance their digital presence with modern aesthetics, intuitive layouts, and a seamless eCommerce experience. We revamped all eCommerce pages, infusing them with a contemporary design that mirrors Atomic Interiors’ commitment to quality and style. Additionally, we made a strategic move by migrating their CMS from Magento to WordPress, a shift that streamlined their back-end operations and empowered them to manage their content more efficiently. The redesigned website truly showcases the sophistication of Atomic Interiors’ products while providing an improved user experience for their clients. This project showcases our capacity to transform digital platforms, maximising their potential and aligning them with our client’s brand identity.

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The Challenge

Atomic Interiors faced numerous issues stemming from their Magento CMS. Beyond the complexity of managing an extensive product database, maintenance became an increasingly onerous task. The system was frequently causing operational disruptions that required technical fixes, resulting in mounting maintenance fees for the business. Combined with an outdated design that didn’t reflect the brand’s vision and an inefficient internal management system, these ongoing problems were negatively impacting user experience and the company’s bottom line.

The Solution

Our multifaceted solution began with a strategic migration to WordPress. This new CMS not only provided a user-friendly interface that streamlined product data management, but it also proved to be more stable and less costly in terms of maintenance. The shift drastically reduced technical disruptions and the associated costs, providing significant savings for Atomic Interiors. With a modernised design reflecting the brand’s identity and a more efficient filter and categorisation system, our approach to the eCommerce platform overhaul improved both the internal operations and the online shopping experience, ultimately generating considerable cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

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