Panda & Penguin Algorithm Recovery

We take a holistic approach when it comes to Panda recovery. Below are some of the steps that we take when analysing a website which needs to recover from a Panda penalty –

Overall Panda Analysis

We will run a deep crawl of your website to identify NY issue behind the sudden fall in traffic and rankings. We do a thorough analysis of your website to locate any pages that could be adversely affected by Panda update.

Content Audit

Once we have identified the issue/s behind the penalty, we will start working on addressing the problem. Our Panda recovery experts will come up with a comprehensive strategy to recover the lost visibility of the website by making necessary changes on the website.

Finalising The Plan

We get all the stakeholders of the website (web designer, developer, website owner and marketers) involved in the recovery process so that everybody knows what they have to do on an individual level, then start the ball rolling to get you on the road to recovery.

Penguin Recovery Service

The search industry has evolved rapidly over the last 5 years and it’s no longer enough to build a bucket-load of spammy links from blog commenting or low-quality directories. After the Penguin algorithm update from Google, SEO became much more difficult for companies who were using old link building tactics. If your website has been penalised by Google for building spammy links or for going against their guidelines, we’re here to help.

Marketing Labs offer a professional and effective Penguin recovery service that is tailored to help your website recover from both manual and algorithmic penalties.

Panda Recovery Service

Penguin isn’t the only algorithm update that has been damaging. In fact, it could easily be argued that the Panda algorithm update damaged the exposure of more websites and had a larger impact on search results. The Panda algorithm is more content focused. It tries to find bad quality websites filled with copied, stolen, duplicated or thin content. Content can be duplicated within your own website without you even realising it.

As with the Penguin recovery service, we also offer a reliable, swift and cost-effective Panda recovery service. We also offer an expert content writing service to help you recover.

Limited Time Offer

Get Website Analysis Report Worth £150

Once you sign up for our Google penguin or Google panda recovery service, one of our SEO experts will start analyzing your website to figure out the basic SEO inconsistencies in your website.

Has your website been hit by a penalty?

If you feel that the links built by your former SEO Company have incurred the wrath of Google in the form of sudden ranking or traffic loss, you should opt for our Penguin recovery service. We have successfully recovered a number of websites suffering from Penguin penalties, and we firmly believe that we can get your website to recover from it too.

Link Profile Audit

We will undertake a comprehensive analysis of the backlink profile of the website to determine the unnatural linking patterns and also to identify toxic and untrusted links that are affecting the visibility of the website. We use many paid tools, but the review process is entirely manual.

Toxic Link Removal

After identifying the links that have triggered the Penguin penalty, we focus on getting rid of those links. We will start cleaning up the mess by changing the anchor texts of the links or removing the link altogether whenever it feels necessary.


The final safety net is to create a list of toxic links that webmasters refuse to remove and disassociate the website from those links by updating the Disavow file via Google Webmaster Tools. This will speed up the recovery process.

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