Setting your website up for success

SEO involves more than clever placement of relevant keywords. To succeed at SEO, you need to make sure every single part of your website is optimised so itโ€™s sending the right signals to search engines.ย 

A technical SEO audit means all the technical aspects of your website that could affect ranking factors are checked. This provides you with all the information you need to make changes and improvements to your website that can see you appear higher up in organic search results.

How does a Technical SEO Audit work?

When we run a technical SEO audit, we look at a over 200 ranking factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Crawl errors
  • XML sitemap status
  • Website load time
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Keyword cannibalisation
  • Robots.txt file status
  • Duplicate metadata
  • Meta description length
  • Duplicate content
  • Broken links

Running a Technical SEO Audit can help improve rankings, increase traffic and boost leads and sales. With SEO changing all the time, regular audits can help keep your site where it should be and ensure your brand is appearing at the top of search results.

We provide you with a thorough report detailing all technical issues that could impact your SEO results, along with actionable recommendations so your website can get back on track. We can also support you in implementing them to ensure your site is in the best condition when it comes to SEO.

Why choose Marketing Labs as your digital marketing partner?

When it comes to our clients, we work hard to make sure every part of their strategy is a success. Our data-driven approach to digital ensures we always keep our clientโ€™s goals in mind and that we make decisions based on research and real insights.ย 

We combine our analytical way of working with creativity and expertise to get the best results possible. Our clients trust us to only ever recommend the best options for their business - even if it makes our lives harder. This is why we have an exceptional retention rate and a solid history of driving amazing growth for our clients.