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AdWords Quality Scores: 5 simple tips to improve your PPC performance

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28 February 2017

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Improve AdWords Quality Scores

Improving your AdWords quality scores can reduce your costs and generate more revenue.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Google assigns a Quality Score to every single keyword in your AdWords campaign. But, did you know that these scores aren’t fixed, and can be increased? It’s true, and an increased Quality Score can actually work wonders for your campaign.

To put it simply, the higher your score, the higher your advert will rank in sponsored search results, and the cheaper the cost per click. With a PPC agency, we’ll keep on top of this work & make sure your account is as efficient as possible.

However, you can also go about increasing your AdWords Quality Score and improving your PPC campaign? In this piece, you will see five tips that can help you do just that:


Improve Ad Relevancy

One of the primary ways Google assigns a Quality Score is based on relevance. How relevant are your keywords to your ad copy? Likewise, how relevant is your ad copy to the content you have on your landing page? Be absolutely certain you’re only bidding on keywords that are extremely relevant to your ad. You need to be as accurate as possible if you want a high score. Similarly, your landing page must reflect what you’re advertising.

One of the primary ways google assigns a Quality Score is based on relevance. How relevant are your keywords to your ad copy?
– Rich Bloomfield (Online Growth Specialist | Marketing Labs)

For example, say you wanted to promote a page for SEO services. You’d need to bid on keywords closely related to that, and your landing page must be about SEO services. It’s an incredibly simple concept, but it works wonders for your score.

This is becoming more important as Google pushes more to broad and widening the relevancy of the queried search.  This makes controlling the process with negative keywords more important.


Find Keywords With The Highest CTR

Another thing that factors into improving your quality score is your clickthrough rate. Google rewards ads that have a high CTR as it shows they’re functioning properly. So, you need to focus on increasing the CTR of your adverts. A simple way to do this is by finding the best keywords possible that will yield the highest clickthrough rates. Generally speaking, you should try and bid on keywords that directly match what you’re advertising.


Write Excellent Ad Copy

Ad copy refers to the way your ad looks on Google search result pages. If you’ve ever seen an ad, you’ll notice there’s the main headline of the advert – which is what is being advertised – along with a brief description and a display URL. All of this is known as ad copy and can be a huge factor in improving that ever important clickthrough rate.

Ideally, you want your ad copy to be very persuasive and catch people’s attention. It needs to stand out and draw their eyes away from everything else. The key to this is a good headline; you need to think of a headline that’s fairly clickbait-y yet still clearly relevant to your keyword and landing page.

Then, draw them in closer with a simple URL and a description that displays the key things visitors will gain from your ad. For example, if you’re advertising a page for football boots, the headline could be something like ‘Best Football Boots 2017’. Follow this with a short description like ‘Free Shipping. Low Price Guaranteed!’.

Improve your ad copy, boost that CTR, and increase your Quality Score.

Now, you’ve really got people hooked, and they’re more likely to click on the advert as you’re showing them the best football boots for a low price. Improve your ad copy, boost that CTR, and increase your Quality Score.


Focus On Your Call To Action

You’ll need a call to action in your ad copy and on your landing page. In your ad copy, the call to action will persuade people to click the ad; this will usually be in the description. We already know that improving your ad copy increases your CTR, but, what does a good call to action on a landing page do?

Well, it addresses another factor in improving your Quality Score; landing page experience. Adverts that offer visitors a good experience will have a higher score than those that don’t. A good call to action improves their experience as it provides them with instructions. It tells them what to do; ‘click here’ ‘download now’ ‘contact us today.’ So, first and foremost, ensure you have a call to action. Then, make it stand out and make sure it clearly tells users what to do.


Reduce Landing Page Load Times

A huge factor in the user-experience of your landing page is how quickly it loads up. If it takes too long, then users become frustrated and may click away before they even get to your page. As a result, this can hamper your CTR too.

So, look at each landing page and make sure it’s optimised to load as quickly as possible. Perhaps the server is slow, or the page has too much data on it? Consider everything that can slow a page down and then right those wrongs.

With these tips, you can improve your Quality Score and start seeing a more effective AdWords campaign.

Wider impact on marketing

Much of the above can also help your other marketing efforts. You can follow the first three process for most marketing channels, especially where they allow keywords to help refine audiences or serve ads.

Call to actions and landing page optimisations will have a much broader benefit to your business beyond PPC; including SEO and conversion rate optimisation.

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Rich started his career as a stockbroker, trading in Japanese shares and bonds (buy low and sell high is his advice!). After a time, he decided to try his hand at something else, and went off to make his fortune on the internet.

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