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Big Changes Are Coming At Marketing Labs!

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11 November 2021

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We’re currently working on some big changes behind the scenes at Marketing Labs, which we’ll be revealing in full in the new year.

This means that you might start to notice that things look a little different over the next few months, but we guarantee that we’re still offering the same great service and expertise.

To start with, we’re giving the Marketing Labs brand a bit of a refresh. We’re doing this to better reflect who we are and what we’re about. While we’re keeping our name the same, we’re updating our visual identity, colour scheme and broadening our service offering.

What are we changing?

One of the biggest things we’re changing is the services we provide. Our team has grown over the last year which means we’ve got more expertise in-house than ever before. We can now offer new services to clients to help them drive growth in multiple areas.

While our core Digital Marketing services such as SEO, PPC and Conversion Rate Optimisation has been our bread and butter for a long time, we are really proud to be able to offer services like Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Content Marketing, Web Management and lots more.

Part of our team and service expansion has been made possible by merging with OLO Design, an agency who specialise in creative design. This acquisition will allow us to take on more creative projects like Branding, Creative Design and Graphic Design.

All of these services, whether they’re new or old, are aimed at helping to drive growth for our clients – something that has always been our goal and that we have excelled at for years.

On top of an expanded service offering, we’re also working on a brand new website. Not only will this give us a better opportunity to tell you more about what we do, but it will also give you a better idea of exactly who we are at Marketing Labs.

Why are we changing?

The simple answer to this question is because it’s time.

For years we have been an expert SEO and PPC agency and while this isn’t changing and we’re still offering these services, we can provide so much more when it comes to Digital Marketing. We have organically grown into a full-service marketing agency, which is really exciting and something we’re super proud of.

This needs to be showcased throughout our brand, website and service offering so it seemed the perfect time for an overhaul!

We tested our new branding service on ourselves and have updated everything to make sure it fully reflects exactly what Marketing Labs is and how we want it to be seen by our clients. We’re already loving the result and are excited to launch everything in full once we make it through Christmas.

What isn’t changing?

While many things are changing (including our logo) there’s a lot that doesn’t need to.

We still pride ourselves on being:

  • Trusted by our clients to make decisions that benefit them and get results.
  • Approachable so our clients feel comfortable talking to us and know that we’ll skip the jargon as much as we can.
  • Dependable at all times, whether it’s a simple question you need answered or you have an issue that you need someone to fix.
  • Dynamic, helping our clients to grow and develop so they can better respond to their customers and industries while we also grow our own skills.
  • Accomplished, meaning our clients benefit from award-winning expertise and a team that is constantly striving to learn more and be better.
  • Analytical in our approach, ensuring that every decision we make is driven by data so our clients can reach their goals.

For us, this update isn’t about changing who we are or how we do things, it’s all about better showcasing our team and responding to what our clients need us to be. So watch this space for our new website, services and some more insights into what Marketing Labs is like behind the scenes.

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