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The top 10 traits of a successful digital marketer

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1 September 2023

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Today’s vibrant business landscape is built on the bedrock of digital marketing. From punchy social media campaigns to SEO-focused content strategies that transform web browsers into web buyers, the power of digital marketing is far-reaching.

Navigating these interconnected digital corridors needs more than just training; it requires a unique blend of traits that separate good digital marketers from great ones.

So, what makes a digital marketer not just good but great?

Below, we’ll cover the ten traits that great digital marketers must have.

Trait 1: Communication skills 

Crafting compelling stories and effectively articulating them are hallmarks of successful communication in marketing. Our language shapes the backdrop upon which brands and consumers interact.

It requires a deep understanding of the audience’s language, vernacular nuances, and the capability to translate complex ideas into easy-to-understand concepts.

According to a National Association of Colleges and Employers survey, verbal communication is the most sought-after job skill. And in digital marketing, where the conversation is always ongoing, the importance of this skill can’t be overstated.

Trait 2: Creativity

Creativity takes a standard marketing campaign and turns it into an attention-magnet. It’s the ingredient that instils a sense of freshness into otherwise mundane product descriptions, revitalises worn-out ad campaigns, and sets trailblazing trends.

A study by Adobe highlights that 82% of companies believe there is a strong connection between creativity and business results. Creativity isn’t just about making things look good – it directly influences the bottom line.

Trait 3: Analytical mindset

Digital marketing is fundamentally data-driven. Every click, scroll and purchase can be transformed into data, offering insights into customer behaviour and campaign performance.

It’s this hard data that moulds soft stories. Campaigns aren’t just built on creativity—they are tailored, modified, and executed based on data analytics. Moreover, according to LinkedIn’s annual learning report, data fluency is one of the most important skills for a marketer heading into 2023. So, having an analytical mindset and understanding how to interpret data is an absolute must for any successful digital marketer.

Trait 4: Adaptability

Change is the lifeblood of digital marketing. Strategies that saw success yesterday might be obsolete today. Platforms evolve, algorithms change, and consumer tastes vary continually.

Digital marketers must keep abreast of trends and be agile enough to align their strategies with these changes.

Trait 5: Empathy

Effective marketing speaks to the brain but resonates with the heart. This requires more than understanding customer demographics. It needs empathy.

Empathy allows marketers to step into their audience’s shoes, perceive their experiences and emotions, and weave that understanding into campaigns that connect on a deeper level. The Digital Marketing Institute highlights that leading with empathy is one of the top skills needed for future marketing success.

Trait 6: Tech-Savvy

Digital marketing is a playground of technologies ranging from social media platforms to analytics tools and AI features. Being tech-savvy is no longer optional.

A report by Altimeter shows that 52% of marketers agreed digital marketing technologies are their biggest challenges. Understanding SEO algorithms, using marketing automation software, or figuring out a new social media platform is essential in this tech-centric field.

Trait 7: Curiosity

Curiosity fuels discovery. It leads to questioning traditional norms, exploring unconventional ideas, and driving innovative campaigns. 

It’s curiosity that challenges marketers to push their creative boundaries, plunge into pools of data, and consistently offer something new.

Trait 8: Strategic thinking

Clear vision and strategic thinking help navigate the road to marketing success. This involves anticipating future trends, setting clear objectives, and devising actionable plans to achieve these goals. 

Strategic thinkers shape the raw energy of ideas and turn creativity into campaigns that resonate and drive conversions.

Trait 9: Collaborative spirit

A collaborative spirit engenders a conducive creative environment. Digital marketing isn’t a solo performance; it’s more like an orchestration where various experts – content creators, SEO experts, data analysts, and web designers – harmonise their skills to deliver a symphony of successful outcomes.

Trait 10: Assertiveness

Assertiveness and the ability to express thoughts and ideas confidently are key in a field that’s often subject to vigorous debates over campaign strategies. Coupled with the ability to listen and accept constructive criticism, this trait helps achieve a balance between maintaining one’s ground and allowing for necessary alterations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s dig a little deeper into some of your frequently asked questions on what it means to be a successful digital marketer in 2023.

What are the 4 Cs of digital marketing?

The 4 Cs stand for consumer, cost, convenience, and communication.

What are digital marketing mindset traits?

Key traits include being adaptable, data-driven, and customer-focused. They also have creativity, curiosity, and a knack for strategic thinking.

What are some qualities of a good marketer?

Beyond technical skills, good marketers possess strong communication skills, creativity, empathy, and assertiveness.

What are the 3 Ps of digital marketing?

The 3 Ps are people (your target audience), product (what you’re selling), and promotion (how you market it).

Is digital marketing a hard skill?

Digital marketing involves a mix of hard skills like SEO, data analysis, and understanding marketing tools and soft skills like creativity, communication, and adaptability.

Hiring a professional well-versed in these traits can be difficult. That’s where digital marketing agencies, like Marketing Labs, come into the picture.

When you hire an agency, you tap into a reservoir of talented individuals, each one well-equipped with the traits discussed above. Switching to an agency also helps bypass complexities like employment contracts and PAYE while ensuring the quality of work remains top-notch.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your digital marketing journey, why not get in touch?

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Matt is a leading figure in search engine optimisation, with over twenty years of experience in eCommerce and digital marketing. After years of running his own eCommerce businesses and then consulting for digital marketing agencies, in 2016, he decided to set up Marketing Labs.

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