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Proud To Be Sponsoring Nottingham Forest Player: Adlène Guédioura

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15 October 2018

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Picture of Adlène Guédioura, showing Marketing Labs sponsorship with the Nottingham Forest midfielder.

Marketing Labs is delighted to announce that we are now a proud sponsor of: Adlène Guédioura, Midfielder at Nottingham Forest F.C. The chance to sponsor Guédioura came up a few weeks ago and we couldn’t let this opportunity pass us by, we keenly let Forest know about our interest in him and how eager we were to sponsor him, we were then delighted to find out that he was available for partnership.

Picture of Marketing Labs sponsorship with Nottingham Forest midfielder; Adlène Guédioura.

Nottingham Forest is a club from and based in Nottinghamshire who are – not only – a team with a very impressive track record; with their recent 2-1 win against Sheffield Wednesday and their 3-2 win against Stoke City. They also get involved in the local community and enjoy helping out disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, most notably their work supporting 11 year-old Evie, who wears a prosthetic leg, in her athletic journey and helping her attain her goal of competing in the Paralympics. They also work closely with the NCS programme, teaching young people important skills that they will continue to use throughout their lives. They offer schools for football training and even provide the opportunity to study BTEC’s Level 1 & 2 and degree courses also.


Why We Got Involved:

Here at Marketing Labs, we continuously aim to involve ourselves in things within the community, and as a company based in Nottinghamshire we feel especially connected to the club. We love to get involved in sport and to encourage people to include sport in their lives, either weekly or as much as they can. We also love when that sport includes an element of fun and we find that football ticks all of those boxes! This decision was also partly influenced by the hype of the World Cup, we loved the atmosphere across England and were eager to keep the incredible energy shown by the fans throughout the cup.

We have always been keen on the idea of sponsoring an athlete due to the fact that many of our staff are avid football fans, with even our founder and CEO of Marketing Labs Matt Janaway boasting a very impressive sporting resume as a footballer in the past himself. Matt is thrilled to announce this sponsorship, he says: “I have supported Forest my entire life. I had a season ticket when I was 7 and used to go to every game with my dad and brother. Forest is a club which promotes family values and knowing that we can do some good to try to uphold those family values is important to me. Seeing a new generation of parents and children enjoying football together can be a warming experience.”

Other Sponsorships We’re Involved in:

We hope that this sponsorship could help encourage the Retford United Under 9’s team we have recently sponsored to keep going with football, as this connection shows them – on a more personal level – how far being part of a team when you’re young can get you.

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