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Marketing Labs is Proud to Sponsor Retford United Under 9’s F.C.

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14 September 2018

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Community Engagement: Marketing Labs’ Commitment to Local Youth Sport

Marketing Labs are thrilled to announce that we are sponsoring Retford United Under 9’s football team. The decision to sponsor a local Under 9’s team was made due to the fact that we, as a company, like to get involved in the community, especially with things that bring people of all ages together, such as youth sport teams like these.

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Marketing labs believe grassroot football is extremely important, not only because it brings people together and helps young children develop social skills, but it also helps young people learn skills such as; how to behave and showing them that their actions have consequences, developing their strategy and tactics – which in turn enhances their teamwork skills – quick thinking, which helps with problem solving, and for the young players to learn responsibilities in a fun and exciting way. It’s also an incredible way to spot local talent, that might otherwise go unnoticed – grassroot football is actually how many of the incredible players we see today got their start in the sporting industry.

Another huge factor that persuaded us was the major hype of the world cup, where we saw an array of England fans banding together to support ‘our boys’ heading into the semi-final, this – as you may know – is a rarity. To see all of England gathering together in support was the hype that encouraged our staff – a lot of whom are avid football fans – to revisit the sport, so when an opportunity arose to sponsor Retford Under 9’s we couldn’t pass that up! As a company, we believe it is important to stay involved in our community, especially with young people, as teams like these are an excellent way for parents to bond with their children and for young people to find friends for life.

Marketing Labs is Proud to Sponsor Retford United Under 9's F.C., DSC09709

Here at Marketing labs we like to promote healthy living, keeping fit and active is vital, not only physically, but mentally too. Being social and making friends actually helps with child development and it is good to teach children about their sense of community and how important it is to work in teams and communicate with people from a young age.

Recognizing Community Contribution: Supporting Retford United’s Initiatives

Retford United continuously show their support by helping out with charity work such as the game against All Star XI, which was a charity game held on boxing day that raised over £20,000 for the Karen Lund Campaign. They also started a petition to place a pavement between Cannon Park and Leverton Road which would make the walk to the grounds much safer, which shows they are committed to the safety and wellbeing of the community and the young people who have to take this dangerous route to get to practise. They have now also been awarded the FA Community Club Standard. We felt it was only right to give them something back, so to show our support for the Retford United Under 9’s team we have included our logo on their kit and have been attending some recent games, we plan to attend many more and will be cheering them on from the sideline!

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