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Marketing Labs update: A new office and potential services in 2021

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22 December 2020

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2020 has definitely been a year of changes and challenges across the board. The Marketing Labs team has had to meet a lot of these head-on and adapt to different ways of working, which they have done extremely well. The changes don’t end for us at the end of this year though, as we’re really excited to announce that we are getting ready to settle into a new office.

Despite the difficulties of the last 12 months, Marketing Labs has managed to grow, both in terms of our clients and the size of our team. As a result, we have no outgrown our previous space and need somewhere bigger to make way for a larger team and some new services.

We are currently saying goodbye to our office at Turbine Innovations Centre, Worksop, S81 8AP and getting settled in at 6 Amelia Court, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 7HJ. While our team is currently still working from home to adhere to Covid-19 safety regulations, we’re really excited for everyone to get into the new office and what it means for us.


New and bigger teams

One thing we’re really looking forward to is the fact that having more space will mean we can look at expanding our team in 2021. We’re hoping to bring more expertise on board as part of our development and web design team, so we have more capacity to take on site builds for clients.

We’re all about getting the best results for our clients and we know that this starts with a fantastic website that utilises best practices across design, SEO and UX. A larger development team will help us deliver even more brilliant websites to help our clients achieve their goals.

On top of this, we’re also looking at building a branding and graphic design team, which we also know will be a huge benefit to our clients. Branding is a hugely important part of marketing and creating a company that speaks to the right audience. It also goes hand-in-hand with graphic design, so we can’t wait to start developing this area of our agency.


eCommerce photography

As well as more space for additional team members, our new office is also providing us with more room for additional services. One of these is potentially eCommerce photography, which is something we get asked about a lot.

Great product photography has never been more important for eCommerce brands. Poor imagery can seriously affect the performance of your online store, with visuals helping people to compare products and make a purchase decision on your website, on Google Shopping or social media.

We already optimise other areas of eCommerce websites in order to help brands grow, so it only makes sense to expand in this area in order to become your one-stop-shop for eCommerce excellence.


On-site video production

You’re probably sick of hearing that video is one of the most engaging forms of online content, but it is worth repeating. From YouTube to social media, websites and email, videos get attention and help you provide information in an engaging and memorable way.

Our new office can help us ensure you get the most out of your video marketing efforts, as we are looking forward to the possibility of on-site video production. While this may take us a while to get up and running, after all, we’re not quite moved in and set up just yet, video production is a service that we really want to offer our clients in the future.


Drone photography and videography

Tying in with video production is drone photography and videography. Being able to produce videos at our new premises will mean different types of videos. Drones are a great way to capture images and videos of larger areas, allowing you to show off properties, holiday destinations, ongoing construction projects and so much more.

More than that, drone photos and videos provide an interesting perspective to viewers that can easily set you apart from the content that is being produced by others in your sector. While this is an exciting prospect, we can’t lie and say that we aren’t also looking forward to getting to be nerdy with some new toys in order to provide this service in the future.



Webinars have become increasingly important this year as we have tried to stay connected to individuals and industries online. They are also a great way to share information, have discussions and get content out there that engages your audience.

Our new office comes with the added bonus of a space that can be utilised for webinars, whether they are our own, our clients’ or other companies that want us to be involved. The Marketing Labs team has a lot of knowledge and experience to share, and we think that webinars could be a great way to do it.


A new location in 2021

So now all that’s left to do is get everything moved into our new office and hope that we are able to get the whole team together in a few months. Until then, watch this space to find out more as we get settled in and start putting our plans into action!

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