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How to create a company page on LinkedIn

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3 June 2024

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10 mins
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A bustling community of over 1 billion users worldwide, LinkedIn is easily one of the largest social media platforms used today. Built for professional networking, training, and job hunting, LinkedIn is often overlooked as a place to advertise businesses and services.

If you’re guilty of dismissing this powerful platform as a way to advertise your own business, we think you should start re-considering…

With an impressive 40% organic engagement rate, rarely seen on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn company pages are becoming essential for any business wanting to build brand awareness, expand reach, and connect with leads more likely to turn into clients.

Suppose your business doesn’t already have one. In that case, the time has come to start thinking about creating a company page – all you’ll need is your computer (or mobile/tablet), a personal LinkedIn account that has been up and running for at least one day, and our helpful guide to set you up!

Creating a LinkedIn business page in six simple steps.

1. To create a company page, you’ll need a personal profile that has been up and running for at least one day. It’s worth noting here that you can still list your employment at your business, but it won’t link to a page as you have not yet created it. Leave this part for now and refine it later.

2. Now that you’re ready to create the business page, head to the top right of the webpage to “For Business” and click on the icon to get a drop-down menu. Click on “Create a Company Page,” which will direct you to the next step.

Screenshot showing the dropdown menu on LinkedIn with the option for creating a company page

3. LinkedIn will then ask you which kind of company you want to create a page for. LinkedIn offers three different pages.

  • Company Pages – can be used by companies of all sizes, allowing them to share information about their company, products and services, and career opportunities.
  • Showcase Pages – Showcase pages are subpages to an existing business page. This handy feature allows parent companies to show their affiliated companies. If your business is a parent company to another, we recommend setting up your main company
    page first.
  • Educational Institute – These pages are for educational organisations such as schools, colleges, and universities. In the same way, people can link employment to company pages; users can tag their past/current education in their profiles.

4. Once you’ve selected the type of page you want to create, you’ll need to fill in your company details, including your tagline and upload a logo so people can identify you. 

Top tip: LinkedIn shows profile pictures in a circle format. Your logo should be 300 x 300 pixels and a JPG, JPEG, or PNG file, and you may need to resize it so that it fits snugly into their template. 

5. Here comes the tedious legal step – but it isn’t so bad. Before creating your company page, you’ll need to read through the terms and conditions and click the verification box to agree.

6. The sixth and final step of creating your LinkedIn business page is to fill out the profile. LinkedIn recently streamlined this process, making it much easier and more accessible from one place. 

You can access your page by clicking your personal account icon and clicking on your business page. When your page loads, click “Edit page” in the panel on the left-hand side beneath your logo and header.

LinkedIn screenshot showing the editing process for a company page

It is worth reviewing each section to ensure that it contains accurate information about your business.

If you want to hire new employees and advertise the positions on LinkedIn, you will want to fill in the “Workplace” and “Commitments” sections. Having these filled out will attract applications from people with the same cultural expectations.

How to create a LinkedIn business page on mobile 

At first glance, creating a business page from your mobile device is impossible. Honestly, it took a good twenty minutes of trying to find it, and in the end, we gave up and Googled it so you didn’t have to. 

It is possible; it’s just not as obvious, which is something LinkedIn could make a little easier for users this year *hint hint*.

1. Open LinkedIn on your mobile device, and in the search section of the app, look for a business page. To make it easy and save you from thinking of a business to search for, copy and paste “Marketing Labs – SEO & Digital Marketing Experts” into the search bar.

2. When our page loads, you should see three buttons underneath our header picture and profile. Next to ‘Message’ and ‘Following’ (we assume that you’re already following us for the latest advice on SEO and digital marketing), you should see a third button, a circle with three dots. 

Press the icon, and a menu will appear. Click on “Create a LinkedIn Page” and follow the instructions on the screen, which are almost identical to the steps above.

And it’s as simple as that.

What’s new for LinkedIn Business in 2024?

LinkedIn constantly evolves and is dedicated to improving user experience. In 2023, over 150 updates were made to the platform. These updates are almost always covered in news and blogs, so you’re aware of the changes, which is more than we can say for Meta. 

One of our favourite highlights from updates over the past year is the addition of post-scheduling for company pages and personal accounts. This feature means that people/businesses without the luxury of a third-party scheduling platform or using social media marketing services can save time using this feature.

This year so far, we have seen the introduction of these newest features:

  • Member restrictions—Admins and super admins can restrict members from engaging with their company page/content, helping massively with spam, harassment, scams, and misinformation.
  • Direct messaging a business page – it’s now possible for potential clients and members to message a business page directly, skipping having to find contact details.
  • AI prompts for posts – LinkedIn is the leading social media platform offering AI to help with post ideas for business pages. 

Top tip: AI is a fantastic tool for brainstorming if you are stuck on ideas, but it’s important to keep banging the drum; you should not depend on AI itself. Always have someone look over the content AI creates and ensure you edit it to fit the style and tone of your business.

  • Featured customers – basically, a great way to shout about those clients you’ve managed to bag because your business is top quality! This feature will be a handy tool for prospective customers to see who else is using your products and services. People tagged here can request to be removed from your featured section.

The benefits of creating a LinkedIn company page 

There are lots of reasons why having a LinkedIn company page could benefit your business, but if you still need a little convincing, here are five reasons why it should:

  1. Analytics tool exclusive to company pages, businesses can track their content’s success, their followers’ demographics, and competitor analysis. 
  2. Impressive organic engagement rate – we mentioned it earlier, but LinkedIn’s Organic engagement rate is unusually high. You don’t see these kinds of engagement rates on Facebook and Twitter. It’s too good of an opportunity to miss out on!
  3. Brand ambassadors in your employees – by creating a company page, your employees can tag their place of employment. Any content that they make will help boost your page’s profile!
  4. Find your next employees – LinkedIn is full of hardworking professionals. If you want to grow your team, a company page helps showcase your business culture and attract potential employees.
  5. Find other businesses that can help yours – LinkedIn is great for B2B marketing. If you are looking for services from other companies to help your own, you might be what another business is looking for. 

LinkedIn is an invaluable resource, especially if you want to expand your reach and build a robust and professional reputation. With this in mind, setting up a company page is a no-brainer. What’s the worst thing that could happen? 

Your FAQs on business pages

Is there something we’ve missed? You might find the answer in our FAQs below.

Can you create a LinkedIn business page without a personal account?
Unfortunately, you need a personal account to create a LinkedIn business page.

How many LinkedIn connections do I need to create a business page?
You do not need connections to create a business page; however, your personal account must have been running for at least 24 hours.

How to add employees to a LinkedIn company page
Employees will need to add and tag your company’s name to the “experience” section on their personal page, which will then associate the individual with the company page.

How much does it cost to create a LinkedIn business page?
Creating a LinkedIn business page is completely free! You’ll only need to spend roughly 20 minutes of your time.

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