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Marketing Labs UK Internal Telephone Systems Switch

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24 April 2018

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We’ve changed our office number

Marketing Labs New Telephone Number: 01909 738 738

Please update your records with our new number:


01909 738 738

Our old telephone number (01909 512 123) will soon cease to exist.

Marketing Labs is always looking for ways to improve. It’s an obsession we have. There’s a never-ending battle internally to ensure we offer the best possible service to our clients, at the best possible prices.

This process has highlighted our need for a much-improved telephone system. Our phone system is currently very limited. It shuts off throughout the week at 5 pm and is off entirely over the weekend. It also has no voicemail functionality and physically ties us into the office.

To meet the demands of our various relationships, we decided to improve the way we handle communications to ensure you can always speak to the person who can help you most efficiently.

We now have a brand new system to allow us to have the flexibility needed to run a modern location-neutral digital business.

Here are the benefits:

  • Our phone lines are now open whenever we are available, not just at the office but on the road or even at home.
    Our usual office hours are 8:30 am through to 7 pm.
  • We now have voicemail.
  • We can now pass internal calls between our offices.
  • If we get snowed out of the office, we can continue taking calls.
Marketing Labs UK Internal Telephone Systems Switch, new telephone number

Please update your records: 01909 738 738

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