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Proud Members of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce

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24 May 2018

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Marketing Labs Become Proud Members of East Midlands Chamber of Commerce

Marketing Labs are delighted to announce their membership of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce. This signals the next step in the company’s commitment to working within their local area and to improving the prosperity of the region more generally.

The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce covers the three areas of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire, and is the second largest chamber in the country with over 4,000 business members and 3,000 affiliates. That offers members unparalleled networking and growth opportunities, including information and support that is either unavailable elsewhere or time-consuming to obtain. The Chamber also has strategic partnerships with numerous local and national organisations such as Nottingham Trent University, East Midlands Airport, Toyota, Wilko and HSBC.

As a proud East Midlands-based company, Marketing Labs recognise the importance of local growth and local connections. They appreciate the Chamber’s efforts to raise the profile of businesses within the East Midlands and ensure that vital support is offered to companies of all shapes and sizes. Membership of the Chamber not only assists Marketing Labs itself, but it also highlights the business’s commitment to joining forces with other companies in the area to make the region a force to be reckoned with.

Matt Janaway, Founder and CEO of Marketing Labs said: “The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce does a fantastic job and we’re delighted to join them. I’ve always made it clear that Marketing Labs should exist in partnership with other local companies and organisations, so I’m looking forward to the knowledge exchange and support we can offer each other. I can’t wait to meet fellow members at the next event!”

Continued Growth and Engagement: Marketing Labs’ Vision

Marketing Labs continues to thrive and provide valuable services to clients in the East Midlands and beyond. Joining the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce is one more step towards empowering their team and clients to develop an unparalleled business community within the region.

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