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Marketing Labs – Accredited Living Wage Employer!

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10 May 2018

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Marketing Labs Join the Ranks of the Living Wage Employers

Marketing Labs are delighted to announce that they have been accredited as a Living Wage employer. They are now one of the 4,200 companies across the UK who pay the real living wage to their employees.

The Real Living Wage is a voluntary scheme that reflects the cost of living in the UK. While the minimum wage and National Living Wage are based on average earnings, the Real Living Wage is calculated purely on the actual cost of living. This ensures that employees and their families are paid enough to live and is based on an independently-calculated figure. To date, over ⅓ of FTSE 100 companies are accredited with providing the Real Living Wage to their employees, along with recognisable names such as IKEA, Everton FC, Chelsea FC, Google and ITV.

Any business that signs up to provide the Real Living Wage is demonstrating their commitment to ensuring their employees receive a fair wage for their day’s work and Marketing Labs are proud to be a partner in this. They recognise that living costs rarely correlate with what the minimum wage and National Living Wage offer, so they are delighted to follow the increase recommended by the Living Wage Foundation and ensure that their entire team is paid at least £8.75 per hour.

Matt Janaway, Founder and CEO of Marketing Labs said: “I always want to look after my team as best I can. I know if I look after them, they’ll look after me. So, by implementing the Living Wage, it was just a way to show them that I appreciate the hard work they put in, every day!” In the future, Marketing Labs hope that other British companies will see the benefit of providing the Real Living Wage to their employees, thereby ensuring they can live comfortable financial lives. They hope that businesses recognise it as the win-win it is for both employer and employee.

To learn more about the Living Wage visit:

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