Sell more with social media advertising

Around 4.55 billion people around the world now use social media. That’s a huge audience that you can tap into – but you need to get social media right to do so. 

Your organic social media strategy will help with brand awareness and building your audience. Social media advertising can help support this while also helping to drive conversions and engagement. 

Using insights from your social media and keeping your business goals in mind, we build social media advertising campaigns that get results. From retargeting to expanding your audience, we look at what types of ads and audiences will help you achieve your goals.

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How do we manage your social media advertising?

Every social media ads strategy is unique to your brand, because we know there’s no one answer when creating ads. This means we continuously monitor performance and look at the data to tweak individual adverts and audiences to keep driving the best results. 

Even better, we’re completely transparent about the results and will only ever make recommendations that benefit you, help you expand your audience and get more people to the checkout. This gives you a clear sense of your ROI and the benefits that social media advertising brings.

Why choose Marketing Labs as your digital marketing partner?

When it comes to our clients, we work hard to make sure every part of their strategy is a success. Our data-driven approach to digital ensures we always keep our client’s goals in mind and that we make decisions based on research and real insights. 

We combine our analytical way of working with creativity and expertise to get the best results possible. Our clients trust us to only ever recommend the best options for their business - even if it makes our lives harder. This is why we have an exceptional retention rate and a solid history of driving amazing growth for our clients.

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