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Project Overview

Equivibe is the only US-made animal therapy plate that uses vertical vibration for full-body maintenance and rehab. The company was setup as a sub-brand for a client we were already working with, so they knew what standard to expect from us.

The client contacted us about creating a complete brand concept and a simple eCommerce website to sell this unique product from a US supplier.

The Challenge

As this was a totally new brand, we had several challenges to overcome. To start with, the brand needed to be ready and the website live incredibly quickly to start generating sales. The website also needed to be simple yet effective, explaining the benefits of the product and having a good user journey to encourage conversion.

We also had to create a unique brand but still link it to the main company and brand in some way. All of this had to be delivered on a small budget.

The Solution

We created a brand concept complete with its own colour scheme and fonts. As well as creating the brand for the website and digital marketing, we also created a brochure and banner design for use when visiting exhibitions and shows, as well as business card and stationery designs.

We also designed the website with Shopify integration, as this enabled us to deliver within a short period of time and was already familiar to the client. The website we designed had a modern and fresh look, offering easy navigation and checkout.

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